Finding a CBT Therapist

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a relatively new form of therapy that combines the benefits of talk therapy and behavioural therapy.

It is a type of psychotherapy in which patients can relearn negative thinking patterns into positive thoughts as negative patterns also to be the underlying cause for many psychological conditions. Ultimately, transforming one’s thoughts into positive actions and behaviours.

CBT can help people with a variety of disorders that range from anxiety and depression to eating disorders to PTSD and many more. What’s more, not only can CBT help with these classic conditions, it is also very helpful tool to overcome every-day issues such as low self-esteem, anger management or relationship troubles.

How does CBT work?

Just as with other forms of therapy, patients undergo CBT can work with a therapist to find the source of the negative thinking patterns. The therapist will then guide the patient to transform the salt into a positive mindset. The aim of cognitive behavioural therapy is to replace negative thoughts and actions with productive papers so that the patient can overcome their difficulties.

In the United Kingdom there are essentially two ways to get a therapist whether it is it is for CBT or any other form of therapy: You can get a therapist through the NHS, the public healthcare system in UK where you can get a private CBT therapist. A private therapist can be beneficial for a number of reasons: First and foremost, a patient can choose the therapist they feel the most comfortable with, unlike as with the NHS were sometimes a single therapist is signed to the patient. The private one, the patient will normally also have many different therapies to choose from. Lastly, a private CBT therapist is flexible when it comes to their consultation hours. For example, if someone has a busy lifestyle they can schedule their desired hours accordingly with the therapist. If you are in the United Kingdom, at CBT near me you can find a suitable CBT therapist!

E Invoices and How They Can Help Your Business

There are still numerous businesses in the United Kingdom who may conduct their entire invoicing process the old-fashioned, traditional way. However, electronic invoicing can be a great alternative for those businesses because it can help them to save considerable time and money rather easily.

electronic_invoiceWhat issues do e-invoices address and how can they help you save time and money?

The biggest problem with the old-fashioned invoicing process is the time it takes.

Businesses normally go about this that they print out their invoices and mail them to the supplier with postal mail. The postal mailing process alone results in a delay of several days from the creation of an invoice until it can be processed.

In addition to the processing time for conventional invoices there is also a likelihood for mistakes since the paper invoice data will usually have to be entered into an accounting system.

E invoices can address both of those issues.

Your paper invoice is being converted into a digital format which makes it possible to send and receive it instantly. The common comparison of electronic invoicing to email is therefore more than justified.

In addition to a greatly sped up process, errors are eliminated since it is no requirement to manually transfer paper invoicing data any longer. All your invoicing data are stored centrally in one place which makes management and organisation of invoices a lot easier.

Electronic invoicing doesn’t require any big financial investment nor will it require any type of special equipment to take advantage of it. With e invoices, business now have a very affordable way to improve their entire invoicing process.

How A Flame Camera Can Help Save You Money

The FCam Flame Camera

The FCam Flame Camera

If you happen to be a business owner, no question, the safety and security of your staff will be one of your biggest concerns.

You will, in all likelihood, have installed smoke detectors and let’s not forget an adequate number of fire extinguishers that will be easily accessible all throughout your premises.

But did you know that a modern flame camera can greatly increase the security of your staff? They can also greatly help reduce your financial impact by reducing potential damages from a fire outbreak.

How Does a Flame Camera Differ From Other Fire Detection Systems?

Rather than detecting smoke or heat, a flame camera can detect a fire by combining modern image analysis technology with IR detection. This has several benefits:

* A vastly greater detection range compared to smoke detectors (up to several hundreds of meters).
* They can cover a much larger area for detection.
* They don’t need to be in vicinity of flame or smoke to work.
* They can automatically call the fire brigade in case of a fire.
* They can automatically transmit the coordinates of the location of a fire.
* They detect fires in seconds.

While the advantages of a flame camera are many, their biggest is certainly their fast detection time and their ability to call the fire brigade right away. This way, fires can be under control before major damage has been done. As a result, a flame camera can not only keep your employees safe and sound, it can also help you save money.

Today, modern flame cameras can be used to protect locations such as stadiums, forests and other large areas that had been difficult if not impossible to monitor in the past. This makes them the best and most efficient way to detect fires. If you are a business owner, you should definitely look into flame cameras if you want the ultimate in safety and security.

Start-Up Tips for Entrepreneurs

It is always a good time if you want to become an entrepreneur, but it’s not always easy especially if you don’t have a lot of experience and help with your endeavor. By definition, an entrepreneur is someone who does everything on their own, which means you will likely have to educate yourself on a range of topics if you want to be successful.

But here is some help! Start by reading those essential start-up tips for young entrepreneurs over at

This guide covers some often made mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Why is this so important when you want to become an entrepreneur?

Did you know that more than 20% of the youth in the UK have a business idea at some point in the lives? Now add the fact that the unemployment rate in our nation is still rather high, one reason that many folks to become entrepreneurs because they feel this as being the better option as compared to looking for employment in a difficult economy.

Because of so many now striving to become entrepreneurs, those tips sure are essential. So if you play with the idea to become an entrepreneur you may want to check out these tips!

Choose Your Children’s School Wisely

Did you know that the majority of successful doctors, politicians and lawyers in the United Kingdom had attended a private school? Several studies found out and confirmed once again that private education can provide students a significant advantage.

What makes private schools different to state schools?

One major advantage of private schools in the UK is that classroom sizes are average a lot smaller as compared to public schools. Less students means that teachers can focus better on each individual child. Fewer students per class also means less stress and more motivation, this can apply for both, teachers and students.


Private schools are often those schools where extracurricular activities that can range from sports to music and arts, class excursions and many more have a higher priority as compared to those schools in our public education system. More extracurricular activities offered in a school can help students in many ways. Activities such as sports can actively help with the development of social skills, while activities such as excursions and day trips can help children to learn culture, language and history.

In the past, private schools in the UK had been something merely available to the wealthy elite. Times have fortunately changed. All private schools in UK will cost a fortune any longer, this means that more families can now take advantage of a higher education standard for their children.

Recently, the government of the United Kingdom pledged more support for our public school system. UK wants to support state schools with more funding in order to get states schools up on the same level as private, independent schools. Whether this will be successful remain to be seen. As for now, a private school is still the best option when you want best education for your children. Prep schools Hertfordshire has more information about the various benefits of Britain’s private schools.


Fire Fighters Issue Safety Plea Ahead of Bonfire Night

bonfire night - fire safetyEmergency services in the UK wish that their safety messages concerning Bonfire Night on November 5 are remembered.

Each and every year, the bonfire season is also the season the where emergency personnel has to deal with numerous incidents that are caused by the irresponsible use of fireworks.

Last year, firefighters in Swansea had to attend to several such incidents.  In one case, fireworks had been put through the letter boxes of a home and in another serious incident firework rockets went through the window of a home.

Now, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging the public that the insured celebrate this coming bonfire night safely. The best this a is when people go to the officially professionally organised fireworks.

The Rescue Service is pointing out that those fireworks are usually not only safer but also more entertaining and cost-effective as compared to private firework displays.

“No matter what you do go this coming bonfire night, remember that safety is the key for a safe and successful the member fifth” says fire service arson reduction manager Will Bowen.

If you want to learn more about fire safety you can see Ansul, the website of Argos Fire Ltd. There you can read all about modern fire safety devices such as smoke alarms and fire detectors.

How the Chilly Summer Effects Businesses in UK

This had been the chilliest summer in Great Britain in the last three years. The low temperatures with plenty of rain impacted numerous businesses in the United Kingdom.

For instance, clothes retailers suffered due to lower sales of summer clothing while low-cost airlines saw increased demand. Many businesses that deal with the outdoors such as camp sites reported decreased bookings due to the weather while indoor businesses could profit at the same time.

This past bank holiday was the wettest holiday weekend of the last 50 years in certain parts of the United Kingdom such as Hampshire, Guernsey and Dorset. The nation’s South West with its many otherwise popular destinations saw more than three times average rain in the last month.

Prof Julia Slingo, one of the U.K.’s top Chief scientists to the press: “No one can deny that we have had a pretty disappointing summer with a lot of unsettled weather and only a few warm spells, especially through July and August. Our weather has been dominated by low pressure over and to the west of the country that has brought us periods of heavy rain from the south – what we call the Spanish plume.”

Looking at various businesses in the United Kingdom, high streets saw their worst month in at least five years. Many potential shoppers choose to spend their holiday abroad instead.

This was also the fourth month in a row where closing sales dropped down 5.5%. This year is considered the worst summer in six years according to new numbers published by accountancy firm BDO

A spokesperson of BDO added that the strength of the British pound had likewise been a factor why many Britons choose to travel outside the UK this year.