Choose Your Children’s School Wisely

Did you know that the majority of successful doctors, politicians and lawyers in the United Kingdom had attended a private school? Several studies found out and confirmed once again that private education can provide students a significant advantage.

What makes private schools different to state schools?

One major advantage of private schools in the UK is that classroom sizes are average a lot smaller as compared to public schools. Less students means that teachers can focus better on each individual child. Fewer students per class also means less stress and more motivation, this can apply for both, teachers and students.


Private schools are often those schools where extracurricular activities that can range from sports to music and arts, class excursions and many more have a higher priority as compared to those schools in our public education system. More extracurricular activities offered in a school can help students in many ways. Activities such as sports can actively help with the development of social skills, while activities such as excursions and day trips can help children to learn culture, language and history.

In the past, private schools in the UK had been something merely available to the wealthy elite. Times have fortunately changed. All private schools in UK will cost a fortune any longer, this means that more families can now take advantage of a higher education standard for their children.

Recently, the government of the United Kingdom pledged more support for our public school system. UK wants to support state schools with more funding in order to get states schools up on the same level as private, independent schools. Whether this will be successful remain to be seen. As for now, a private school is still the best option when you want best education for your children. Prep schools Hertfordshire has more information about the various benefits of Britain’s private schools.