Fire Fighters Issue Safety Plea Ahead of Bonfire Night

bonfire night - fire safetyEmergency services in the UK wish that their safety messages concerning Bonfire Night on November 5 are remembered.

Each and every year, the bonfire season is also the season the where emergency personnel has to deal with numerous incidents that are caused by the irresponsible use of fireworks.

Last year, firefighters in Swansea had to attend to several such incidents.  In one case, fireworks had been put through the letter boxes of a home and in another serious incident firework rockets went through the window of a home.

Now, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging the public that the insured celebrate this coming bonfire night safely. The best this a is when people go to the officially professionally organised fireworks.

The Rescue Service is pointing out that those fireworks are usually not only safer but also more entertaining and cost-effective as compared to private firework displays.

“No matter what you do go this coming bonfire night, remember that safety is the key for a safe and successful the member fifth” says fire service arson reduction manager Will Bowen.

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