How A Flame Camera Can Help Save You Money

The FCam Flame Camera

The FCam Flame Camera

If you happen to be a business owner, no question, the safety and security of your staff will be one of your biggest concerns.

You will, in all likelihood, have installed smoke detectors and let’s not forget an adequate number of fire extinguishers that will be easily accessible all throughout your premises.

But did you know that a modern flame camera can greatly increase the security of your staff? They can also greatly help reduce your financial impact by reducing potential damages from a fire outbreak.

How Does a Flame Camera Differ From Other Fire Detection Systems?

Rather than detecting smoke or heat, a flame camera can detect a fire by combining modern image analysis technology with IR detection. This has several benefits:

* A vastly greater detection range compared to smoke detectors (up to several hundreds of meters).
* They can cover a much larger area for detection.
* They don’t need to be in vicinity of flame or smoke to work.
* They can automatically call the fire brigade in case of a fire.
* They can automatically transmit the coordinates of the location of a fire.
* They detect fires in seconds.

While the advantages of a flame camera are many, their biggest is certainly their fast detection time and their ability to call the fire brigade right away. This way, fires can be under control before major damage has been done. As a result, a flame camera can not only keep your employees safe and sound, it can also help you save money.

Today, modern flame cameras can be used to protect locations such as stadiums, forests and other large areas that had been difficult if not impossible to monitor in the past. This makes them the best and most efficient way to detect fires. If you are a business owner, you should definitely look into flame cameras if you want the ultimate in safety and security.