How the Chilly Summer Effects Businesses in UK

This had been the chilliest summer in Great Britain in the last three years. The low temperatures with plenty of rain impacted numerous businesses in the United Kingdom.

For instance, clothes retailers suffered due to lower sales of summer clothing while low-cost airlines saw increased demand. Many businesses that deal with the outdoors such as camp sites reported decreased bookings due to the weather while indoor businesses could profit at the same time.

This past bank holiday was the wettest holiday weekend of the last 50 years in certain parts of the United Kingdom such as Hampshire, Guernsey and Dorset. The nation’s South West with its many otherwise popular destinations saw more than three times average rain in the last month.

Prof Julia Slingo, one of the U.K.’s top Chief scientists to the press: “No one can deny that we have had a pretty disappointing summer with a lot of unsettled weather and only a few warm spells, especially through July and August. Our weather has been dominated by low pressure over and to the west of the country that has brought us periods of heavy rain from the south – what we call the Spanish plume.”

Looking at various businesses in the United Kingdom, high streets saw their worst month in at least five years. Many potential shoppers choose to spend their holiday abroad instead.

This was also the fourth month in a row where closing sales dropped down 5.5%. This year is considered the worst summer in six years according to new numbers published by accountancy firm BDO

A spokesperson of BDO added that the strength of the British pound had likewise been a factor why many Britons choose to travel outside the UK this year.